About us

3A-Industrial solutions & engineering consultancy is an official Egyptian company, one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing machinery and medicine packaging

Over 20 years of experience in this field, offering the best industrial solutions and engineering consultancy aimed at developing the design of pharmaceutical factories
Preparation of technical specifications for packaging machines and pharmaceutical production lines

Through our commitment to quality, our company has become one of the first in the Middle East to work in the field of packaging machines and production lines.

All products of the company have been built on accurate engineering standards and standards, starting with the study and engineering design with modern scientific and technical methods.

Mechanical system developed for the work capacity of more than 24 hours modern industrial automation systems and sophisticated experience, quality, speed and workmanship

Our team

We have experienced team able to make successful combination with the customers

Our sales team are well trained to help our customers both commercially and technically

Our sales force consists of sales director, supervisors, executives and internal sales coordinator

We have very strong backbone of logistic staff

How we can serve our customers?

By two ways :

  • We can provide the goods to our customers through direct importance based on commission basis as we are the sole representative agent
  • We can provide the goods to our customers locally through our local warehouses.


Credibility, creative and cost effective and customer satisfaction are our main targets by supplying high quality products at the best possible price with effective technical support through our specialized technical sales team.


Sky Chemicals vision is to be the first choice of customers in field we serve by building trust-based business relationship with them and suppliers.


How to sell the quality rather than price. Deliver high quality products to our customers with a competitive price.