Previous work

First: Industrial solutions, manufacturing and development of production lines

Manufacture of a powder packing machine in bags of Al-Nahda Industrial Company, 10th of Ramadan

(sachet) Manufacture of Pharaonic effervescent filling machine for pharmaceuticals

Mepaco Pharmaceutical Counting Machine

Development of a powder filling machine (sachet) MEPACO

Development of powder filling machines in bottles – Delta Pharma

Development of an ointment filling machine, Saba Pharmaceutical Company

Development of a beverage production line, Rameda Pharmaceutical Company

Manufacturing a line for the production of powders in bottles – Rameda Company (3 lines)

Manufacture of a biolink disinfectant production line

Development of a coating machine at the Penicillin Factory – Medical Professions Company

Manufacture of a line for the production and filling of powders in bottles – Philo Pharm 10th of Ramadan Company

Manufacture of the powder transfer device, Atco Pharmaceutical Company (1 device) and Rameda Company (8 devices).

(LEAKAGE CHAMBER) Manufacture of solution testing device Medical Professions Company for Pharmaceuticals

Manufacture of filters for dryers and powder transfer devices for most pharmaceutical companies, for example those companies:


Second: engineering consultancy

Memphis Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries

Nile Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries

(MUP) Pharmaceutical Medical Professions

(DBK Parma) Al-Debeki Pharmaceuticals

(MEPACO) Arab Medicines and Medicinal Plants

Ultimate Pharma (Borg El Arab – Alexandria – Egypt

Pioneer Pharma (10th of Ramadan City – Egypt .)

Delta – Geek Pharma (Tajikistan .)

Saad Al-Essa Pharmaceuticals (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Taj-Dell Pharmaceuticals (Tajikistan)

Contact Information

Phone: 0128 148 14 83 – 0103 031 85 58